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Episode 144

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19th Jul 2023

TLC Todd-versations Presents Meghan Diaz of Sprouts Farmers Market

Every time we decide the SKUs we carry, the varieties we plant, the ads we set, we’re telling consumers rather than educating them, allowing them to understand the real value of produce. 

The mindset of the consumer is different than that of someone in the produce industry.

Earth shattering? No, but the way we go about curating the produce experience, you’d think that everything is available all the time. 

How many of the alphabet generations even understand the seasonality of produce?

Meghan Diaz of Sprouts Farmers Market and Todd had a great time chatting about perceptions, perspectives, the value of anticipation, and taste on today’s Todd-versations.  

We invite you to join us as Todd chats with people like Meghan, who are passionate about what they do to affect change.

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